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As part of its service to its members and the wider Sport for All community, TAFISA endeavours to maintain regular, up to date and interesting communication media. This includes our eNewsletter and annual magazine.

  • eNewsletter

    Every two months TAFISA releases its e-Newsletter to provide members, friends and supporters with relevant and interesting information. The TAFISA e-Newsletter focuses both on internal TAFISA matters, as well as general issues in the field of Sport for All and physical activity.


    If you have an article that you would like to be included in the next edition of the eNewsletter, please contact the TAFISA office.

    Copies of previous eNewsletter can be downloaded via the links below.

  • Magazine

    Since 2007 TAFISA has published four magazines focusing on a topical issue in Sport for All. Themes to date have included ‘Sport for All, Physical Activity and Health’, ‘The Integrative Force of Sport for All: Building New Understandings’, ‘Traditional Sports and Games: New Perspectives on Cultural Heritage’ and ‘The Report: Guidelines for Sport Clubs for Health Programs’.

  • TAFISA Bulletin

    TAFISA was pleased to annouce the publication of its first annual TAFISA Bulletin at the end of 2010.  The Bulletin is a colourful display of what TAFISA has achieved during the past year, including TAFISA cooperations, events, programs, achievments and many, many photos.  Have a look to find yourself!  The Bulletin also contains sneak previews into the coming year and beyond, and notes of thanks for our members and supporters.

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