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Triple AC


The 3AC program is being developed with the support of IOC, and cooperation with many Active City related bodies including WHO Baltic Region Healthy Cities Association, Active Liverpool in the UK and SESC in Brazil.  It focuses on cities and communities because TAFISA and its partners recognise that municipalities are the major providers and sponsors of Sport for All and physical activity for their citizens.  TAFISA would like to support cities and communities who wish to increase participation in Sport for All and physical activity, and reward them for their good work.

The 3AC program includes many best practice examples for cities and communities to learn from and contribute to, and provides the prestigious TAFISA 3AC Active City of the Region and World awards.

There are many reasons to join the 3AC program, including to:

  • Share your good work with the world
  • Meet and learn from other cities
  • Be a part of a global network
  • Become a certified Triple AC “Active City”
  • Win the Triple AC Regional or World Active City of the Year award
  • Be highlighted on the Triple AC website
  • Make your citizens healthier and happier
  • It’s easy, and it’s free!

Please visit www.triple-ac.net  or contact the TAFISA office for more information.

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