TAFISA for muicipalities

TAFISA recognises that municipalities are often the primary bodies responsible for the delivery of Sport for All and physical activity. TAFISA also recognises that too often their work goes unnoticed or undervalued by international and local organisations and individuals alike. For that reason, TAFISA has made Active Cities and the provision of support for municipalities a focus in recent years. This includes via its Active Cities – Active Communities – Active Citizens program, the Triple AC, SportCityNet, its Call to Action on Active Cities and its Global Active City Development program, in cooperation with the IOC. For more information, please see TAFISA Active Cities.

TAFISA welcomes municipalities as Supporter Members. To find out more about becoming a member, please see TAFISA For Members.

Cities are also the location of many TAFISA programs and events, including our flagship World Congresses and World Sport for All Games.

To find programs and events for your city to take part in, please see our Active Cities page. To host a major TAFISA event, a city must either be a TAFISA
Member in its own right, or have the support of a TAFISA Member. To find TAFISA Members in your country, please see TAFISA Members.