Less than one Month Till the 1st TAFISA European Sport for All Games in Leeuwarden, Netherlands!


Less than one Month Till the 1st TAFISA European Sport for All Games in Leeuwarden, Netherlands!

10 July 2018

Celebrate the 1st TAFISA European Sports for All Games with us! 

2018 is the year of Leeuwarden - Fryslân 2018, Cultural Capital of Europe, and the 1st TAFISA European Sport for All Games will be a highlight of the main programme. The Games will be a unique experience: 5 days, more than 20 countries, 50 traditional sports, over 1,000 athletes, 10 events of Fryske sports, 100 sessions and demonstrations of international sports and more than 400 volunteers: we go live from 3 to 7 August 2018. Join and enjoy!

Opening European Sports for All Games - Friday August 3, Sneek

Experience the opening of the 1st TAFISA European Sports for All Games! The entire programme guarantees a fantastic evening. Plenty of entertainment and music performances, together with the presentation of a special new sailing class in the ‘Sneekweek’ as part of the European Sports for All Games. We begin with a dinner, followed by the official opening ceremonies of the ‘Sneekweek’ and the European Sports for All Games and the day will be concluded in a traditional fashion with the fleet review and fireworks.

1st TAFISA European Sport for All Games: “BeActivePleinen”, 3-6 August, Friesland

The “BeActivePleinen” squares, which can be found at various locations in Friesland, will be the stage for international teams to offer demonstrations and practice sessions for the audience. Leeuwarden’s ice hall will be open for three days and welcome teams – you can ice-skate in the middle of summer! The teams will also be in Grou, Witmarsum, Grijpskerk, Sneek, Franeker. Want to know more? Consult the 30 events and the programme at: sportsforall2018.eu/en

BeActiveFestival, August 7, Heerenveen

The closing party, the grand finale where you have to be will take place in Friesland’s sport city: Heerenveen, involving everyone involved in the Games: international participants, guests, volunteers, host families and the organization!  Heerenveen is the setting for the closing party for all international teams, the organization and all volunteers! It will include a special sports festival where you can encounter and try all kinds of national and international sports, along with tasty healthy food, dance, music and lots of fun. A wonderful outing for the whole family! 
Take a look at the Open Dutch Shuffleboard tournament, try your hand at archery or join a game of standing seesaw, a well-known activity in Belgium. Be sure to take dry clothes with you: if you’re going to try ‘Fierljeppen’, you’ll definitely need them. Set up your own personal record and compete against one of the best ‘ljeppers’ from Friesland! 

2nd TAFISA Europe Conference “A Lifelong Play and Sport for All”, including Knowledge Safari ‘The Big Five’ – August 7, Heerenveen

The 2nd TAFISA Europe Conference will take place in Heerenveen on August 7, starting with a morning seminar on the theme “A Lifelong Play and Sport for All” and the “Knowledge Safari: the Big 5 of the European Sport for All Games” organized in partnership with the Knowledge Centre for Sport Netherlands (KCSport). On that final day of the TAFISA European Sports for All Games, the Knowledge Centre for Sport, together with partners in the 'mienskip', organizes this unique walking (inter)national knowledge event. Discover ‘The Big Five of the European Sport for All Games’ on Tuesday 7th of August, walking in groups through the sporting center of Heerenveen. Meet both national and international experts and practitioners of traditional sports, bring your own special stories to tell, and experience the fun of curl, Polynesian canoeing or the Highland Games... all in the style of KCSport’s trademark Knowledge Café Live! with live music from the band Café du Sport, discussions, interaction and a networking drink afterwards. And to make it complete, a buffet will be available for everyone, together with all the athletes of the European Games.