Warsaw Celebrates TAFISA World Walking Day


Warsaw Celebrates TAFISA World Walking Day

06 October 2017

More than 500,000 participants joined the TAFISA World Walking Day 2017 all over the world. Many countries participated, including Botswana, Japan, Dominican Republic, Russia, Slovenia, Portugal, Israel, India and Hungary among others. 

Just like every year for now about a decade in Warsaw, the weather was perfect on this first Sunday of October as thousands gathered to join the TAFISA World Walking Day. After a group warm-up, the march started at a good pace in a cheerful and vibrant atmosphere, going past the luxuriant scenery of the Warsaw Royal Park and across the Jan III Sobieskieski's Monument bridge, with a nice view on the "Palace on the Island". 

The Palace on the Island


The walk then pursued on a larger avenue where it finally crossed path with some 20,000 runners going in the opposite direction. The event is indeed organized as part of "Run Warsaw" (Biegnij Warszawo), a 10km friendly run where the families and friends or participants are invited to join the TAFISA World Walking Day (dubbed "Maszeruję - Kibicuję") and cheer on the runners. Both groups thus meet half-way, cheering and exchanging high-fives. 

The Run Warsaw participants


TAFISA would like to congratulate the organisers of Biegnij Warszawo for a great event hosted with the support of the Polish Ministry of Sports and Tourism, and thank both organisations for their very warm welcome in Warsaw.