TAFISA and the Bluearth Foundation Strengthen Oceanian Outreach


TAFISA and the Bluearth Foundation Strengthen Oceanian Outreach

29 November 2017

TAFISA’s presence in Oceania is critical for the promotion of Sport for All and physical activity in the pacific islands.

For this reason, we are proud to have partnered with our newly appointed national member the Bluearth Foundation to design a strategy for Oceania. From November 20th to 25th, TAFISA Special Advisor Brian Dixon, TAFISA Manager for Programs & Events Jean-Francois Laurent and Bluearth Foundation’s CEO Wendy Gillett took part in various meetings to initiate talks for the creation of an Oceanian Alliance for Sport for All and physical activity. Those included visits to the headquarters of the Australian Olympic Committee on November 21st, and to the headquarters the Australian Sports Commission, Confederation of Australian Sports and University of Canberra on November 22nd, as well as to the City of Melbourne on November 24th.

On November 23rd, the Bluearth Foundation hosted a highly successful “Workplace Movement Evolution Forum”, highlighting the importance to Move More and Sit Less, as presented by Wendy Gillett during the 25th TAFISA World Congress in Seoul, Korea.

TAFISA and the Bluearth Foundation hope to reach out to Oceanian islands in the course of 2018 and organise a common event, gathering all interested countries in 2019.

Thanks are extended to the Bluearth Foundation for their warm welcome and hosting during that week.

The Bluearth Foundation has been approved as a new TAFISA national member during the 2017 General Assembly in Seoul, Korea. Here Bluearth CEO’s Wendy Gillett during the Workplace Movement Evolution Forum.


Hon. Brian Dixon, Bluearth’s Ben Cooper and TAFISA’s Jean-Francois Laurent meeting at Bluearth Foundation’s headquarters in Melbourne, Australia.


Move More Sit Less: a call to all employees and employers during the Workplace Movement Evolution Forum in Melbourne, Australia, November 23rd.