Table Tennis Around the World, Around the Clock by ITTF Foundation


Table Tennis Around the World, Around the Clock by ITTF Foundation

30 March 2021

Table tennis around the world, around the clock

Bringing the whole world together on 6 April 

Celebrating table tennis and female empowerment 



The table tennis community all around the world eagerly waits for April to come around, because 6 April does not only mark the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, but it is also World Table Tennis Day (WTTD). Ever since its establishment in 2015, the WTTD concentrates on one social issue with each celebration. The 2021-edition focuses on gender equality and FEMpowerment through table tennis. In the run-up to 6 April, the topic has already been addressed comprehensively across the three entities of the ITTF Group through various activities, events and actions, giving inspirational female figures the spotlight. 

This year already constitutes the second World Table Tennis Day under Covid-19 restrictions. Unfortunately the pandemic still does not allow for a physical main event celebration for WTTD.  Instead, the ITTF Foundation organises a 24-hour stream with live meet-and-greets, workout and coaching sessions, webinars, presentations and table tennis matches. 



The concept of World Table Tennis Day is based on three pillars: being universal, popular and inclusive. To share the love for the sport and contribute to making the sport more accessible, the stream will run 24 hours with a varied programme, so everybody can join, no matter where they live, no matter where their interests lie.  

  • Meet table tennis icons 

Get as close as physically distanced meetings allow you to in meet-and greet-sessions with high profile table tennis athletes and seize this opportunity to ask some of your favourite players any questions you’d like. 

  • Get moving with virtual workouts 

Break a sweat in one of the workout sessions! There will be table tennis specific workouts, as well as more workouts from other sports like Pilates. 

  • Deepen skills

In cooperation with PingProfy, the ITTF Foundation offers live coaching sessions with world-class trainers available in English, Spanish, French and Arabic. Each session will be 45 min, which includes your chance to interact with the trainers in a Q&A session. This is a unique chance to improve technique, work on weak spots and acquire new skills.  

  • Match day around the clock  

Re-live iconic moments of the history of table tennis and watch some of the greatest athletes play again in captivating matches.  

  • Seminars and presentations  

Educate yourself or take a deep dive into topics that have always interested you. The stream will include many stimulating seminars on gender quality, female empowerment, and how to promote and contribute to these issues using a sport like table tennis. 

The stream will run from 6 April 1am (UTC+2) until 7 April 1am (UTC+2) and can be accessed through the social media channels of the ITTF Group

ITTF Foundation:  Facebook | YouTube  

World Table Tennis:   Facebook | YouTube 

ITTF:   Facebook 

The celebration of World Table Tennis Day is not exclusively for professionals or players – it actually is all about having fun together. 6 April is meant to be socially inclusive, with its aim to involve as many people as possible in table tennis. No matter who and where you are in this world, regardless of your age, gender, social status, nationality, physical ability – join the celebrations for WTTD 2021 to empower women and girls in your community.