Tafisa for partners


TAFISA for partners

TAFISA cooperates with, and is supported by, many varied organisations around the world in its mission to achieve an Active World. TAFISA is well recognised and respected in the family of international leaders of sports, sciences, culture and politics. This includes official recognition by, and active cooperation with, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organisation (UNESCO). TAFISA also enjoys productive working relationships with other international bodies, and is open to new fields of cooperation, including for:

  • Political leadership and lobbying,
  • Programs, events and member development,
  • Networking and knowledge and/or experience sharing,
  • Donations.

TAFISA offers partners and sponsors access to its vast network of members and existing partners and stakeholders, and the billions of citizens around the world they represent. TAFISA has a comprehensive range of programmes and event offerings open for partnership and sponsorship, including educational seminars and practical training programmes, Sport for All and physical activity events, and prestigious global congresses and games’.

TAFISA is a registered not-for-profit, charitable organisation for tax purposes. More information can be found under About TAFISA and Programs & Events.

TAFISA welcomes enquiries regarding becoming a TAFISA partner, sponsor or donor. Please contact the TAFISA Office.

TAFISA gives sincere thanks to all of its partners, supporters and sponsors for their invaluable help, making our work possible.