Active City Innovation

Active City Innovation



The Active City Innovation (ACI) project explored how to turn cities into active cities through innovation. The project was led by the Innovationsmanufaktur and Technical University Munich - TUM, funded by German Ministry of Education and Research as part of the wider International Sports Innovation Network programme (SINN-I), and was fully supported by TAFISA to its successful completion in December 2022. The impact of ACI and SINN-I contributed to promoting the many benefits of improved well-being and social and mental health through physical activity and sport. 

ACI provides municipalities, sport organisations, NGOs and any other stakeholder active at the local level with comprehensive resources to help them start off innovative processes to develop and promote joy of movement, Sport for All and physical activity withing the city setting. With its outputs and success stories, the project delivered - among others, experimentation scenarios in five different countries, designed an ACI workbook and an ACI capacity building framework. The ‘The Joy of Movement Pioneers- JOMP' Innovation Hub was also developed as the legacy of the project.


ACI Workbook

The ACI Workbook serves as a guideline on how cities can identify and implement innovative approaches to encourage their citizens to live more actively and healthily. The character Holly Stick, together with an “Innovation Squad” of 5 fictional characters, leads through the workbook and familiarises the reader with the eight steps of holistic innovation. Each step features starting points, expected outcomes, fictional discussions, checklists, and illustrations, creating an effective learning journey.

ACI Interactive Map

The ACI Interactive Map stands as a compelling testament to the far-reaching impact of innovative experimentation scenarios from diverse corners of the world. With captivating videos, stories, and audiovisual documents, this map showcases twelve inspiring case studies that demonstrate how cities can effectively innovate in the realm of physical activity and active living. These powerful examples serve as beacons of inspiration for cities seeking to make a lasting impact on the well-being and happiness of their citizens.


Capacity-building Workshop

The ACI Capacity-building Workshop has been designed to equip professionals and stakeholders with the necessary knowledge and tools to drive impactful change in their cities. It aims to empower participants to become catalysts for innovation, fostering dynamic collaboration, and promoting active living within their respective communities. With tailored formats for single or multiple organisations, the workshop equips participants with tools to design innovative impactful initiatives in the city setting. Are you interested in hosting a workshop? Contact us at

JOMP Innovation Hub

The Joy of Movement Pioneers (JOMP) Innovation Hub is an inspiring platform where like-minded individuals and stakeholders come together to collectively explore innovative solutions for fostering widespread participation in Sport for All and physical activity. Discover more on the JOMP Website.



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