TAFISA World Martial Arts Festival

Held every 4 years, the TAFISA World Martial Arts Festival is a spectacular and inspiring event, highlighting the values of Martial Arts and the role they can play to create a better world.

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The TAFISA World Martial Arts Festival is a vibrant and captivating experience, bringing together delegations from countries across all continents. Participants are invited to demonstrate their traditional Martial Arts in an open and inclusive environment which encourages cultural and knowledge exchange, offering a unique opportunity for local citizens and participants from all around the world to discover the variety and the beauty of Martial Arts and Sport for All.

Event Impressions


  • 5 Days
  • 20,000 Spectators
  • >100 Volunteers
  • 30 Martial Arts
  • 3,000 Martial Artists
  • 40 Master Classes
  • 25 Countries
  • 1 International Forum


Uniting and empowering a diverse community of Martial Arts under the banner of Sport for All by creating a festival atmosphere for grassroots sports and the Martial Arts community.

1st TAFISA Martial Arts Festival 2019

Hosting the TAFISA World Martial Arts Festival

Bidding for the 2nd TAFISA World Martial Arts Festival 2025 is now open!

If you are interested in hosting the next event, please contact us and send us your expression of interest using the template Expression of Interest Letter.

Applicants will present their bid to the TAFISA General Assembly on November 3, 2023 during a Bidding Ceremony. The General Assembly, which is part of the TAFISA World Congress in Düsseldorf, Germany, will elect the winner.

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