TAFISA Logo Guidelines

TAFISA Logos - Principles and Usage Guidelines outline the guidelines and requirements applicable to the use of the Official TAFISA Logos for the TAFISA members.

Use of TAFISA Logos

  • The Official TAFISA Logo shall not be used by TAFISA members unless formally authorized or as part of the following official TAFISA events: TAFISA World Challenge Day, TAFISA World Walking Day.
  • To indicate their TAFISA membership, TAFISA member organisations may use the “TAFISA Member Logo”. They may also link the logo to direct to the TAFISA website www.tafisa.org
  • The TAFISA Members’ website and any communication tools (letterhead, signature, organisations clothing, etc.) may carry the above “TAFISA Member Logo”. The use of the logo on any commercial products must have written approval of TAFISA.
  • The “TAFISA Member Logo” is only given to approved TAFISA members that are up-to-date in the payment of their TAFISA Membership Fees.
  • Members of TAFISA member organisations must not use the logo.
  • The “TAFISA Member Logo” and the Official TAFISA Logo may not be incorporated into the logo of the member organisation or any other logos and symbols of the TAFISA member.
  • Other TAFISA Logos for special events or publications of the TAFISA official events may only be used upon formal authorisation.

Graphic Standards

TAFISA colors

Logo Size and Placement

The size, prominence and placement of the Official TAFISA Logos shall not create any confusion regarding the ownership, property of, or responsibility for, the Materials on which they are displayed or for the related activities and events. The official TAFISA Logos should not be placed:

  • against a visually confusing background or image; or
  • too close to other visual elements.

The Official TAFISA Logos should not be altered in any way. Specifically, do not:

  • crop, flip or rotate the Logo.
  • stretch, distort, re-colour, apply filters, or animate the Logo.
  • apply a coloured mask or a text box to the Logo.

Obligations of the TAFISA Member

The TAFISA member must not do, cause or permit anything which:

  • could cause detriment to the good standing and reputation of TAFISA and TAFISA Partners
  • could prejudice the values of Sport for All and/or the Sport for All Movement
  • in the opinion of TAFISA, is offensive, immoral or likely to offend the rights of individuals or any political, religious, racial or minority group

TAFISA members are strictly forbidden to make use of IOC and Olympic logos and trademarks. The fact that TAFISA is an organisation recognised by the IOC does not mean that TAFISA members are recognised by the IOC. Misuses of the Official TAFISA Logo, “TAFISA Member Logo” or IOC logos and trademarks can lead to membership suspension and, ultimately, exclusion.

Withdrawal of TAFISA Support

TAFISA reserves the right, at all times, to request that the “TAFISA Member Logo” or the Official TAFISA Logo be altered or withdrawn from the TAFISA Members’ publications, should TAFISA consider that the support adversely impacts TAFISA or the Sport for All Movement, or should all or any part of these guidelines not be fully respected by the TAFISA member.

TAFISA Approval

The use of the Official TAFISA Logo and “TAFISA Member Logo” defined in these guidelines is subject to TAFISA’s written membership approval before any reproduction. Should the TAFISA member fail to respect these guidelines, TAFISA reserves the right to ask such member to immediately stop using the Official TAFISA Logo, “TAFISA Member Logo” and ultimately to suspend the membership. In case of doubt with respect to the interpretation of these guidelines, please contact the TAFISA office.