Tafisa Annual Report

TAFISA’s primary annual publication, the TAFISA Annual Report, is a colourful display of what TAFISA and the global Sport for All Movement has achieved during the past year, and look toward the year to come and beyond. With many photos, topical articles, interviews, member updates and event reports, the TAFISA Annual Report is a must-read for all those with a stake in the global Sport for All Movement.

To read the TAFISA Annual Report, please use the link below. For a hard copy, please contact the TAFISA office.

TAFISA Annual Report 2022
TAFISA Annual Report 2021
TAFISA Annual Report 2020
TAFISA Annual Report 2019
TAFISA Annual Report 2018


To consult editions of the former TAFISA Bulletin, please use the links below.

TAFISA Bulletin 2017/2018
TAFISA Bulletin 2016/2017
TAFISA Bulletin 2015/2016
TAFISA Bulletin 2014/2015
TAFISA Bulletin 2013
TAFISA Bulletin 2011/2012
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