Traditional Sports and Games


Traditional Sports and games

TSGIn the purest sense, they are the games and movements that are traditional to our cultures, from dances to ball games and water sports. But they are more than that. TSG form a significant part of our history and help make us, and our variety of cultures, what we, and they, are today. TSG tell the story of our past, and span genders, generations and individual differences like little else can. By their very nature, TSG are localised and regional, and should be recognised as the necessary counterparts to the globalised mass sports and culture of today, right alongside language, music, literature and architecture. TSG are a chance to enjoy diversity and community in an increasingly globalised world.

Traditional Sports and Games provide unique opportunities that mainstream sports may not. They are often based on fun and participation, not competition, and provide a link to something bigger than sports and physical activity alone.

These two elements are incredibly important in reaching those who might not be inclined to play mainstream sports, particularly in bringing positive experiences in sports and physical activities to children. TSG preserve chances to take part in, and benefit from the virtues of community interaction and culture. They are a living legacy of what has gone before us, and how we can enrich the future.

For this reason, TSG are at the core of TAFISA’s mission. TAFISA endeavours to safeguard, preserve and promote them, in an innovative and progressive approach combining research, policy making, and practice.



Jakarta 2016

TAFISA World Sport for All Games

As the flagship event of TAFISA, the World Sport for All Games’ are a week-long festival held every four years gathering delegations from more than 80 countries demonstrating their TSG. Join us next in Lisbon, Portugal, in 2020!

European Sport for All Games

1st TAFISA European Sport for All Games

2018 saw the 1st TAFISA European Sport for All Games, held in Fryslân, Netherlands, on August 3-7. Following the same concept as the World Sport for All Games, the European Games gathered delegations from all over Europe.

Tafisa Unesco


TAFISA and UNESCO have established a strong partnership for the promotion of TSG over the years, resulting in the publication of various policy papers.

Tafisa Recall

Recall: Games of the Past – Sports for Today

Originally co-funded by the European Commission, project Recall now constitutes a worldwide collection of Traditional Sports and Games, scientific publications and practical recommendations to sport clubs and associations, kindergartens, schools and event organisers, with the aim to reintroduce TSG into the daily lives of children and youth.


European TSG Platform

TAFISA’s new project, co-funded by the European Commission in 2017, established a European TSG Platform, as well as map the situation of TSG in Europe and put forward recommendations for their safeguarding and promotion.

TAFISA Regional TSG Centres

Launched in 2014, the TAFISA Regional TSG Centres programme aims to establish a worldwide network of like-minded organisations safeguarding and promoting TSG.


  • Traditional Sports and Games
  • Traditional Sports and Games