Girls Positive and Safe Coaching Pathway



Kids are Made to Play, and we have a duty to provide a safe, welcoming, inclusive and fun environment to create early positive experiences in play and physical activity. TAFISA and Nike have been partnering since 2013 to implement that vision through activities that range from advocacy and awareness raising to capacity building and resources sharing. In recent years, we have been focusing on “Empowering Women – Building Capacity” and we are excited to unveil our latest initiative ‘Girls Positive and Safe Coaching Pathway’. This pathway is designed to address gender inequity that hinders the participation of women and girls in sports at all levels. By focusing on coaching the coaches, the pathway aims to remove barriers and create a more equitable, accessible, accommodative, and positive experience for girls in sports.  


  • Raise awareness for the significance of an active and healthy lifestyle among girls and women, as well as the need for adapted coaching for girls and women
  • Provide training and education to coaches, sports leaders and managers to improve the quality of sports coaching offered to girls and women using the Pathway toolkits and modules
  • Hold training workshops for senior female athletes retiring to retain them as coaches and trainers of the Pathway
  • Create networks of advocates, trainers and alums of the Pathway
  • Provide coaches and girls in sports with safeguarding tools for protection against non-accidental harm

Target Group

Through International Sport Oraganisations, National Federations, Olympic Committees and local grassroots sport organisations, the targeted group within the TAFISA network encompasses:

  • Coachs
  • Technical officials and Managers
  • Retired Athletes
  • Girls in sport

Expected Outcome

The Pathway aims to impact and improve how coaches work with young girls and help build their confidence to thoroughly enjoy sports in a safe and supportive environment and perform to the best of their abilities. Therefore, the following are expected to be deliverables of the Pathway:

  • Girls Positive and Safe Coaching Pathway comprehensive framework to be used by coaches
  • Roll out the Girls Positive and Safe Coaching Pathway to at least 3 International Sports Organisations (ISOs)
  • Integrate the Girls Positive and Safe Coaching Pathway in the INTERACT toolkit and capacity-building framework
  • Implement the Girls Positive and Safe Coaching Pathway to some countries as a pilot for the Country's approach
  • Implement the Girls Positive and Safe Coaching Pathway to Regional sport structures
  • To increase the recruitment and retention of women coaches and girls in sports by 2% in pilot countries
  • Develop a pool of Pathway trainers
  • Reach +150,000 local beneficiaries in ISOs, regional structures and pilot countries

Pathway Modules

Made to Play Coaching Girls Guide

Designed to serve programme leaders and coaches working to recruit and retain girls (and girl-identifying young people, especially those most likely to be excluded from sport). Goal is to help coaches create sport spaces that are more inclusive and welcoming for girls and other young people on the gender spectrum who are traditionally marginalized from sport.

Coaching HER

Coaching HER tackles the challenges affecting girls' sports involvement, self-esteem, and overall experiences. This innovative tool equips coaches with strategies to retain girls in sports by recognising their unique needs and eliminating barriers. The ultimate goal is to create an environment that supports and encourages continued participation of girls in sports.

Body Confidence Sport

The Body Confidence in Sport programme aims to inspire athletes to adopt a positive attitude towards their bodies. It  promotes  constructive conversations and breaking down stereotypes related to gender and appearance. The programme empowers athletes to embrace a functional mindset, and  provides a safe space for athletes to explore innovative ways of thinking and talking about their bodies.

Safeguarding in Sport for All

Grounded in globally acknowledged safeguarding frameworks, the Safeguarding in Sport for All module empowers coaches to create secure and engaging environments for sports participation. With a focus on prioritizing the well-being of all participants, including children, young people, seniors, and individuals with disabilities, coaches play a pivotal role in fostering a safe and inclusive sports space.