Mission 2030 Workshop Series




Following the success and increased need of virtual workshops in recent months, TAFISA is excited to announce the official launch of the TAFISA Mission 2030 Workshop Series. This brand new and exciting series will include twelve capacity-building workshops — one every two months over the next two years.  Each Workshop is connected to a theme of TAFISA Mission 2030 – For a Better World Through Sport for All, and is accessible for all Global Sport for All stakeholders.  

M2030WOrkshopThe Workshops are designed to enable the Global Sport for All Movement to not only use sport to drive social change, but also to provide the necessary tools, knowledge and know-how to tackle local, national and global challenges. TAFISA invites all Sport for All stakeholders to come together, discuss and debate challenges, and collectively establish solutions for change! Each Workshop will be jointly hosted by TAFISA and a specialist partner, and welcome guest speakers from all over the world.  

The development of the Mission 2030 Workshop Series stems from TAFISA’s commitment to continuously strive for excellence. The Workshop offers knowledge exchange, a new and innovative form of cooperation, and non-formal education for TAFISA Members and the wider Sport for All community. Now, more than ever, it is important that the stakeholders of the Global Sport for All Movement pledge to work together and achieve our shared mission of a better world through Sport for All in a growing digitalised world. 

First Workshop of the Series: Gender Equity


Join the first ever TAFISA Mission 2030 Workshop focusing on the theme of Gender Equity on 8th March, International Women’s Day, in partnership with the ITTF Foundation.

TAFISA and the ITTF Foundation have joined forces to offer insight on Girls & Women Empowerment in Sport for All. The aim of this Workshop is to provide an opportunity for productive discussion on methods to empower girls and women to reach their full potential in Sport for All. 

Participants will learn from TAFISA, ITTF Foundation and Nike, Inc. as well as FLOT Mentees (EU-funded project aiming to empower a new generation of young African and European women to lead the Global Sport for All Movement) who will share their first-hand experiences. The aim of the Workshop is to not only provide learnings, knowledge and experience sharing opportunities, but also practical solutions and recommendations on how to empower girls and women in Sport for All. 

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Learn more about the Workshop's programme and speakers: Gender Equity Workshop Programme[PDF]

Mission2030 Workshops in 2021

The first five Workshops of the Series will take place in 2021: 

Mission 2030 Theme When? Info
gender equality

8th March 2021
12:00 - 14:00 (UTC +1)

TAFISA and the ITTF Foundation have joined forces to offer insights on Girls & Women
Empowerment in Sport for All.

active cities May 2021 Coming Soon!
play and physical literacy July 2021 Coming Soon!
governance, leadership and integrity September 2021 Coming Soon!
the environment November 2021 Coming Soon!