TAFISA Licensed Sport for All Programs and Events

licensed program

TAFISA has always been dedicated to promoting Sport for All, and we recognize and appreciate that our members are already hosting programs and events towards achieving that goal. Your commitment and hard work have not gone unnoticed, and it is with great enthusiasm that we aim to support and enhance these efforts.

Therefore, we are thrilled to announce an exciting new initiative designed exclusively for our International Members: TAFISA Licensed Sport for All Programs and Events. TAFISA Licensed Sport for All Programs and Events was created to provide you with the tools, resources, and official licensing necessary to elevate your existing programs and events or enable you to introduce new Sport for All activities to your communities. From inviting the audience and participants to try out a sport as a side-event alongside a competition, to capacity-building activities and community programs, a wide range of Sport for All programs and events can qualify for Licensing.

Our goal is to support you in creating a lasting impact for your community by promoting physical activity and using Sport for All for a better world. As we launch this new exclusive opportunity to International Members, we are pleased to inform you that applications for TAFISA Licensed Sport for All Programs and Events are FREE!


  • Recognition of your program/event by the global leader in Sport for All
  • Access to the TAFISA network to promote your program/event
  • Increased visibility for your sport and program/event to a wider audience
  • Inclusion in the global Sport for All calendar
  • Use of TAFISA Licensed Stamp for your program/event materials
  • Presence of TAFISA representative at your program/event

For more information, please see the documents linked below:


For the TAFISA Board of Directors to approve an application for Licensing, this form must be completed and submitted no later than 4 months prior to the start date of the program or event.