Environment: Leveraging Sport for All to Tackle the Climate Crisis

Sport for All occupies a unique place in society with millions of people from all over the world, coming from all walks of life, joining together to participate, celebrate, support, and enjoy the multitude of opportunities available to them. But despite the enormous positivity and joy that Sport for All contributes globally, just like every other sector we must also recognise and take responsibility for our contribution towards climate change.

The Workshop “Leveraging Sport for All to Tackle the Climate Crisis”, the fifth in our Mission 2030 Workshop Series, was organised in partnership with Sport and Citizenship and focused on the significance of re-building our society and community in a sustainable way, and the importance of education and raising awareness about environmental issues in the field of, and through Sport for All. Everything we do has a direct or indirect impact on the environment around us and no-one should be immune from taking responsibility and action by reducing our environment footprints and advocating for, and implementing, sustainable practices. To combat climate change, fearless leaders and immediate action is required but we all have our own individual part to play. After all, it is a problem that affects us all. 315 participants from all over the world registered to the Workshop. 

Relive the Workshop through our video below or on YouTube.




Workshop Speakers:

Morten Schmidt

Dr. Morten Schmidt-Global Director of Programmes and Grants, Laureus Sport for Good

Morten Schmidt is Director of Programmes and Grants at the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, responsible for leading and overseeing the implementation of more than 250 programmes in more than 40 countries across the world. Morten Schmidt, who holds a PhD in Economics and Business Administration from one of the world’s leading Business Schools, has more than 20 years’ experience in leading, developing, implementing, evaluating and researching development programmes, humanitarian responses and global development strategies and policies across Latin America, Africa and Asia, and he has worked with a number of the world’s most respected humanitarian organisations. He lived for 10 years in Bolivia and Colombia with his wife, a renowned Peruvian environmental certification expert and anthropologist, and daughter. Morten runs, bikes, swims, and plays golf and tennis.


Lindita Xhaferi-Salihu– Sports for Climate Action Lead, United Nations Climate Change

Lindita Xhaferi Salihu leads work on sectors engagement in climate action as part of UN Climate Change wider Global Climate Action work. She led development of both Sports for Climate Action and Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action and works closely with a variety of stakeholders to mobilize key actors and catalyze ambitious action towards decarbonization. Before joining UN Climate Change, Lindita worked in public relations and coordinated projects promoting multi-stakeholder engagement in policy and sustainability. Lindita has an educational background in engineering, international relations and global energy & climate policy.

Antidia Citores

Antidia Citores- Lobbying Manager, Surfrider Foundation





Beverley Sylvester - Campaign Director, Catmosphere Foundation

Bev is a seasoned strategy and marketing executive with a proven track record in opportunity identification and brand development. She has successfully repositioned international brands for the U.S. market and has expanded the international reach of iconic American brands. She held senior roles at companies such as VF Corporation, Maidenform, Renfro and SodaStream among others. She is currently the Campaign Director for Catmosphere Foundation, a 501-3-c created to raise awareness for Big Cats and the plight they face. In this capacity she brings her extensive corporate experience to the non-profit space. Raised in Zimbabwe and South Africa, Bev holds a BA from Duke University and an MBA from Wake Forest University.


Alexandra Williams - Programmes Development Consultant, Durban Green Corridors

Alexandra Williams is an Occupational Therapist with a passion for working in community settings. She spent many years of life engaging in outdoor sports myself and have an inherent appreciation for nature and the outdoors. As an Occupational Therapist working within the Inanda Wilderness Programme, she passionate about promoting the use of the natural environment to benefit individuals and communities as a whole.


Bianca Quardokus - Officer for Sport Facilities, Environment and Sustainability, German Olympic Sports Confederation

Bianca Quardokus has been working for the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) in the department "Sports Facilities, Environment and Sustainability" since 2009. She is responsible for the topics of sustainability, climate protection and sustainable sporting events. Before joining the DOSB, she worked for the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation.




Jean-Francois Laurent, Junior Director, TAFISA

Jean-Francois Laurent is Junior Director at TAFISA headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, where he is responsible for strategic and business development, partnerships, as well as coordinating TAFISA’s global programmes and events. He has been a Sport for All advocate since 2013 and has intervened in numerous conferences worldwide.