TAFISA 30th Anniversary


2021 marks a landmark year for TAFISA as we celebrate our 30th Anniversary! Taking a walk down memory lane, we will look back at the history of the organisation, reminisce about the good times and celebrate the people and organisations who have been there along the way and played their own important role in the building and developing of the Global Sport for All Movement that we know today. This year provides a pivotal moment to reflect on the learnings, insight and knowledge gathered over the past 30 years, while serving as a reminder of not only TAFISA’s history, but also how far the Movement has come and what the future holds for Sport for All.

In 1969, the inaugural “Trim and Fitness” conference was held in Oslo, Norway, with representatives from eight European countries. These conferences, which went on to be organised every two years and developed into an unofficial steering platform for the Global Sport for All Movement, constituted the foundation of TAFISA.

In 1991, representatives from 40 countries officially founded TAFISA in Bordeaux, France. Now in 2021, TAFISA counts 373 members from 160 countries, with both figures continuing to rise.



Stay-tuned as we will progressively unveil resources and activities

to celebrate TAFISA's 30th Anniversary!


TAFISA Milestones

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Tribute to Prof. Dr. Jürgen Palm

It was Dr. Jürgen Palm’s vision and initiative that led to the founding of TAFISA in 1991. Under his Presidency, TAFISA resolutely developed to become the world’s leading Sport for All organisation. In 2005, Dr. Palm was elected Honorary President of TAFISA and committed strong ongoing support to the organisation. Dr. Palm died on 16 August 2006 at the age of 71. TAFISA is forever grateful to Dr. Palm for his leadership and inspiration, and his legacy most certainly lives on.

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We will provide a special publication to commemorate 30 years of commitment towards Sport for All!