Key Focus Areas

It is TAFISA's mission to support its members reach out to inactive people. Traditional Sports and Games and Active Cities are two less-known areas that bear a high potential to shift participation trends. Discover how.

key areas




Traditional Sports and Games provide unique opportunities to engage people who are inactive. As intangible cultural heritage, they are linked to local traditions and very often to fun, music, costumes and popular activities. Yet, their very survival is endangered. TAFISA pledges to advocate, promote and bring them back to daily lives through its activities.
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Triple AC – Active Cities, Active Communities, Active Citizens, is a framework that is brought to you by TAFISA and the Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU). It aims to support all stakeholders (national and regional authorities, cities, communities) who wish to increase participation of their citizens in Sport for All and physical activity at local level, as well as to provide them with opportunities to share knowledge, experiences and to network with other like-minded organisations.
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