Sesc Verão 2022 Enables Brazilians to Enjoy Leisure and Physical Activity


Sesc Verão 2022 Enables Brazilians to Enjoy Leisure and Physical Activity

28 January 2022

TAFISA National Member from Brazil Sesc has reopened its centres in São Paulo State in December 2021 and resumed its institutional services, including sports and physical activity courses. 

Since 4 January, Sesc São Paulo is currently holding the 27th edition of the Sesc Verão (Sesc Summer) project until 13 February. In contrast to 2021 where activities were promoted online, this year sports and leisure activities are being carried out in person (with security and health protocols) in more than 40 Sec centers located in the State of São Paulo. 


Under the slogan “Taking Leisure Seriously”, and inspired by the Serious Leisure Perspective, the Sesc Verão key message is about the importance of leisure in people's daily life. It also highlights the role of Sesc as a place for exercising the right to leisure in a broad and diverse form with respect, care, and safety, for people from all backgrounds and walks of life. The programme counts around 900 free activities for all age groups, such as open classes, mini-courses, Sport Exhibitions, sports recreation, bike rides, and chats with athletes and former athletes.  

For more information on Sesc's activities and promotion of physical activity, follow them on Instagram at (in Portuguese) where they share their tips, classes, and information on sport and physical activity to foster people to have a more active lifestyle and enhance their quality of life and well-being.