WHO releases 2020 Guidelines on Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour


WHO releases 2020 Guidelines on Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour

10 December 2020

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently released its “2020 Guidelines on Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour”. Assembled by experts from various health disciplines, the document serves as an evidence-based public health guideline for people of all ages and specific target groups. 

The publication offers a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between physical activity and sedentary behaviour, including the health benefits that arise from being more physically active. The guidelines are inclusive and encompass children, adults, and older adults, as well as specific target groups (such as people living with chronic conditions, persons with disabilities, pregnant women, and postpartum women, among others), which is a new component compared to the last edition of the 2010 WHO Guidelines. The Guidelines introduce the key components required to lead a healthy lifestyle, underlining for instance how aerobic and strength training can help reduce sedentary behaviour. The paper also indicates the amount and frequency of physical activity recommended for each target group. 

While they’re a useful resource for individuals, the 2020 Guidelines also provide directions and advice for decision-makers do adopt and implement these guidelines, set and develop national guidelines, and set physical activity targets. 

Read the full publication here and visit the WHO Website to find more useful resources on global health topics.