WRF and IDF join the INTERACT+ Advisory Board


WRF and IDF join the INTERACT+ Advisory Board

04 September 2023

The INTERACT+ Advisory Board is composed of selected International Sport Organisations to provide guidance and exchange knowledge and experience on the topic of Sport for All and physical activity and contribute to the INTERACT+ success story. The INTERACT+ team is happy to announce that the Advisory Board has grown from 14 to 16 members! We warmly welcome you to the Advisory Board,

  • International Dart Federation, and
  • World Rafting Federation

The Advisory Board plays a crucial role in guiding the development process of the INTERACT+ project through bi-yearly meetings and other opportunities. The INTERACT+ partners are eagerly looking forward to the ongoing support from the Advisory Board to ensure the successful implementation of the project.

To learn more about the INTERACT+ Advisory Board and its esteemed members, visit https://interact-sport.com/about-interact/advisory-board/