Tafisa world walking day

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World walking day


On 6 October 2024 at 10 AM local time, celebrate being active and join the most accessible and inclusive 24-hour relay around the globe! Pass the baton and contribute to the team effort to help connect the world through a planet-wide relay from east to west.

In 2023, 91 countries from all continents joined the second edition of the TAFISA World Walking Day. Pass the baton and help us reach more countries this year! Anyone can join, from individuals who want to be part of the movement to organisations hosting events for their community. 

The event is open to citizens of all ages, backgrounds, abilities and genders, and it is open to every TAFISA member organisation and any interested municipality. Organisers are welcome to host more than one event, as well as events of different types and scales. Visit our platform for more information on how you can join!


  • 1. Register
  • 2. Tell your network and community
  • 3. Invite others to take part
  • 4. Decide if you want to raise money
  • 5. Choose your favourite outdoor activity and make it happen
  • Sunday 4th October 2020 at 10am
  • 6. Document your day
  • 7. Pass the baton!
  • #worldwalkingday

Pass the Baton!


Launched in 1991, TAFISA World Walking Day has provided a simple and fun way to be physically active and celebrate Sport for All against the global crisis of physical inactivity. Over three decades, millions of people hailing from over a hundred and sixty countries have made a habit of walking together on the first Sunday of October, turning it into “World Walking Day”.  

In 2020, as the world faced a global pandemic disrupting our societies, grassroots sports and health systems, and governments worldwide, we needed to come together and show that the Global Sport for All Movement could stand strong and united during trying times. Thus was born the idea of TAFISA World Walking Day – 24 Hours Around the Globe, the most inclusive and accessible 24-hour relay around the world. TAFISA World Walking Day is the most inclusive and accessible walk around the world.

Over the past three decades, millions of participants have taken part in 160 countries. In 2020, tens of thousands from 65 countries joined us on this new journey, from Antarctica to the westmost confines of the American continent, going through Oceania, Asia, Europe and Africa on the way.


In Europe, the TAFISA World Walking Day - 24 hours around the globe aligns with the European Week of Sport 2022 and its #BeActive message and campaign.