World Alpagut Federation (WAF) Officially announces TAFISA Membership


World Alpagut Federation (WAF) Officially announces TAFISA Membership

27 November 2023

On 23 November the World Alpagut Federation (WAF) announced its official approval as a TAFISA International Member in a press conference held in Baku, Azerbaijan. The event was attended by national media and authorities, including representatives from the Parliament of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Ministry of Youth and Sport, the National Sports Association, as well as TAFISA Europe Co-Chair Patrik Perosa and TAFISA Board Member Marco Tomasini.

World Alpagut Federation (WAF) & TAFISA Reps
World Alpagut Federation (WAF) & TAFISA Representatives


Throughout the conference, there was a notable emphasis on the significance of WAF's involvement with TAFISA, underscoring the recognition of Alpagut martial arts and the country's global presence. Representatives from TAFISA and Alpagut engaged in discussions about the potential organisation of TAFISA programmes and projects in Azerbaijan in the near future.