9 Graduates from the TAFISA / AUSC Region 5 Certified Leadership Course


9 Graduates from the TAFISA / AUSC Region 5 Certified Leadership Course

25 August 2023

On 18 August, Nine graduates achieved a remarkable milestone as they completed the TAFISA Certified Leadership Course (CLC) for 2022/2023. The course, spanning from October 2022 to May 2023, was divided into two phases: the theoretical phase from October to December 2022 and the practical phase from December 2022 to May 2023. This structure allows participants to put theory into practice. Among the 27 initially enrolled participants, 9 successfully completed the course and graduated.



This accomplishment stands as a testament to the collaborative endeavors between TAFISA and AUSC Region 5. This collaboration is aimed at training and certifying national and international Sport for All leaders across the globe, with an emphasis on cultivating effective leadership skills.

During the graduation ceremony, AUSC Region 5 Chair Stanley Mutoya and TAFISA Vice President Keenese Katisenge extended their congratulations to all participants for their unwavering commitment. They also expressed gratitude towards the facilitators for their continued dedication and involvement.

As these graduates step into their roles as sports leaders, they carry with them the responsibility of transforming their knowledge into impactful action. Their achievements not only reflect their personal growth but also contribute to the development of the sports landscape in their respective countries and communities.

TAFISA Certified Leadership Courses in Sport for All were developed to train and qualify national Sport for All leaders around the globe. Since their inception in 2007, and with the IOC support since 2010, more than 50 TAFISA International and National CLCs have been successfully hosted by TAFISA members and NOCs all over the world, resulting in an international network of more than 2,500 graduates.