Successful TAFISA CLC in Mashhad, Iran


Successful TAFISA CLC in Mashhad, Iran

12 November 2018

Hosted by the Iran Sport for all Federation (Khorasan Razavi Sport for All Association), the eighth TAFISA Certified Leadership Course in Iran took place in Mashhad on October 11-16, 2018.  Around 120 students joined the event from all over Iran.  The Iranian Sport for All Federation, under the leadership of its President Dr. Ali Majdara, and Vice-President and TAFISA Board Member Dr. Mitra Rouhi-Dehkordi, partnered for this occasion with the Khorasan Razavi  Province Sport for All Committee to bring the TAFISA CLC for the first time to Mashhad.

Group picture of the CLC participants, lecturers and hosts


The CLC was on the initiative of Dr. Majdara and his team who professionally organised the event and made it an unforgettable experience for the participants.

The CLC was led by TAFISA Vice-President Peter Barendse and TAFISA Board Member Prof. Yasuo Yamaguchi along with Iranian Lecturers Dr. Ali Majdara, Dr. Mitra Rouhi and Dr. Seyed Shahram Mirzamani.  The programme included lectures, group work and discussion tables and concluded with an oral examination and certificate ceremony. The participants also enjoyed sightseeing and social programmes.

Over 7 days, the 120 participants learnt about topics such as Globalisation of Sport for All, Target Groups in Sport for All, Human Capital, Marketing, PR and Communications, Sport and Tourism, Traditional Sports and Games, Strategy, Monitoring & Evaluation, Volunteerism, Facilities and Public Spaces.

The attendees were satisfied with the lecturers and workshops and the instructors were also pleased with the enthusiasm and motivation of the participants.  

Group picture of the CLC participants with certificates