New Developments in the INTERACT Project


New Developments in the INTERACT Project

18 November 2021

The INTERACT Project Partners met on 9 – 10 November in a hybrid format in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.  Organised by TAFISA and hosted by State Sport Federation of Hesse (Landessportbund Hessen e.V.), the meeting provided an opportunity for all the participants to reflect on the status of the project, refine the outputs, and discuss about the next steps.

INTERACT Project Partners and Andreas Klages, Chief Executive of Landessportbund Hessen e.V.

The INTERACT Project – International and European Sport Organisations Activate Citizens – is led by TAFISA and involves 9 Project Partners with the common objective of increasing participation in Sport for All and Physical Activity.

Wolfgang Baumann, TAFISA Secretary General, kicked off the first day of the Meeting. Andreas Klages, Chief Executive of Landessportbund Hessen e.V. followed and welcomed the participants.

The two days of sharing and discussion in a inspiring and open atmosphere successfully contributed to the positive progress of the Project, which is set to last a total of 24 months. All seven Outputs were meticulously discussed and the contribution from each participant allowed to move forward with the design of the INTERACT Toolkit, Pledge and Good Practices platform.

Furthermore, the first day was concluded by a fantastic example of putting ideas into practice as partners discovered and played flying disc — a fun sport for all introduced to the participants by the German Flying Disc Federation and local club Eintracht Frankfurt.

The INTERACT online directory of International and European Sports Organisatons will be launched in the coming weeks, together with the Report on ISOs Needs & Expectations and the INTERACT Website. Stay tuned as more information will be released soon, along with the date of an online INTERACT conference!

TAFISA, the INTERACT Project and its Partners, will continue to prioritise their main common goal: a Better World Through Sport for All.