Olympism 365 Consortium meeting between IOC, DOSB, Allianz and TAFISA


Olympism 365 Consortium meeting between IOC, DOSB, Allianz and TAFISA

29 March 2023

Olympism 365 Associate Director Ollie Dudfield and Senior Manager Susanne Gaerte met at the DOSB Headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, on 20 March with officials from TAFISA represented by President Wolfgang Baumann, Secretary General Jean-Francois Laurent and Senior Manager Game Mothibi. The meeting also included officials from DOSB such as Vice-President Kerstin Holze, Director for Sport Development Michaela Rörbein, Head of International Relations Katrin Grafarend and other team members, as well as Allianz’s Eike Bürgel to discuss the shared commitment between the IOC's Olympism 365, DOSB, Allianz, and TAFISA to create a better world through Sport for All. In addition, the meeting tackled the possibility of creating a consortium that will continue to strengthen the role of sport in achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and effectively and positively impact societies recovering from the after-effects of the pandemic, by pooling their resources towards achieving a common goal.

The Olympism 365 strategy is positioned in this consortium as a catalyst to help bring together projects and programmes from the 3 organisations that use sport to impact people's lives in key areas of society, such as education, health, gender equality, physical activity and inclusion. More engagements and meetings will be held to develop the concept for actionable deliverables.  

Meeting between TAFISA and IOC Olympism 365

 (from left to right): Jean-Francois Laurent (TAFISA), Susanne Gaerte(IOC Olympism 365), Game Mothibi (TAFISA), Ollie Dudfield (IOC Olympism 365)

IOC and TAFISA representatives then met at the TAFISA offices in Frankfurt to discuss the bilateral working relationship between TAFISA and Olympism 365 in advancing TAFISA's ultimate Mission 2030 of a better world through Sport for All, and actively pursuing the Olympism 365's portfolios Sport, Health, and Active Communities; Sport, Education and Livelihood; and Sport, Equality, and Inclusive Communities.