TAFISA Promotes Traditional Sports and Games at ISHPES Congress


TAFISA Promotes Traditional Sports and Games at ISHPES Congress

01 August 2018

TAFISA was honoured to attend the 19th International Society for the History of Physical Education and Sport (ISHPES) Congress in Münster from 18 to 21 July, 2018.  The theme of this congress was “Sport for All: History of a Vision Around the World” and TAFISA was invited to take part in the Opening Ceremony which offered a platform to introduce the organisation to Sport Scientists from around the world.  

During this exceptionally well organised event, every continent was represented and three and a half days of workshops provided an excellent opportunity to learn about trends in the field of historical research on sport and culture.  TAFISA led a session on “TAFISA: Traditional Games, Sports and Movements Cultures and their role for Sport for Today” which was well received.  The session was steered by Finn Berggren (Gerlev P.E. & Sports academy), Bartosz Prabucki (University of Physical Education Poznan  and Museum Pierwszych Piastów)  and Keri McDonald (TAFISA).  We hope this is the beginning of a promising partnership between TAFISA and ISHPES.  

(from left to right): Bartosz Prabucki, Keri McDonald and Finn Berggren at the ISHPES Congress in Münster, Germany