ITSF Promotes physical activity for all with 100 Foosball Tables for Schools


ITSF Promotes physical activity for all with 100 Foosball Tables for Schools

16 September 2022

Launched by TAFISA Member the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF), the project “100 Foosball for Schools” aims at giving access to physical activity for all youth, by developing and expanding the daily practice of Table Soccer in schools. To reach this goal, the ITSF supports the implementation of 100 foosball tables in 100 schools in each participating countries. In cooperation with table manufacturers, as well as governmental and non governmental organisations, the national federation approaches corporate funders, which cover the costs to equip a school. In supporting the implementation of Foosball tables in schools, the ITSF wishes to promote a healthy form of recreation and leisure, as well as conveying our sport’s values to the youngest: competition, effort, character-building, well-being and fair-play.

100 Foosball for schools project in Kathmandu, Nepal


Target groups: Children & Youth from 3 to 18 People with disabilities

Achievements: The first pilot country – France – launched the project in September 2021 and inaugurated the 100th table in May 2022. Schoolchildren of the participating schools have been invited to spend a day at the ITSF World Cup 2022.

Considering the success of the program, the French Table Soccer Federation decided to continue the project for the next school year.

7 other countries are well advanced on the implementation of the program and are building a strong working group for the development of the project worldwide: Armenia, Argentina, India, Italy, Nepal, USA, Portugal.

A large number of federations members expressed their will to join the 100 Foosball for School experience and are working closely with the ITSF to launch it locally.

Development focuses: The ITSF is willing to extend the program to all its members. A complementary objective is to open the program to other entities such as hospitals and other institutions, whose goals are to contribute to children’s health & educational well-being.

A working group has been established to open a similar program targeting secondary schools and universities, with the desire to ease relationships between companies and possible future employees.

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