Webinar “Mentoring the Female Leaders in Sport for All" gathers over 190 registration from 65 countries


Webinar “Mentoring the Female Leaders in Sport for All" gathers over 190 registration from 65 countries

11 March 2022

On 9 March, TAFISA hosted a Webinar on “Mentoring the Female Leaders in Sport for All" in celebration and support of International Women’s Day. The webinar was held in partnership with Made to Play.

In her welcome words, TAFISA Vice President Catherine Ford highlighted how support for strong women is and has always been part of TAFISA’s wider strategy when it comes to equal representation at all levels. She underlined that women's leadership represents a driving force for change today and shared a statement from the TAFISA President, calling for a strong network and continuous dialogue between leaders and stakeholders working in the field of gender equality and gender equity, to pave the way for future generations of female leaders in Sport for All.

The Vice President's inspiring opening was followed by a keynote from Michelle Potter, the Executive Director and co-founder of SAYes Mentoring. She shared key insights on how to inspire leaders of social change through mentoring and the importance of systematic and formal mentoring programmes in order to have a strong social impact.

Wendy Gillet, TAFISA’s Special Advisor for Oceania, then showcased the amount of progress that has been made in gender equality when it comes to Sport for All, insisting however that more can still be done. In addition, she also highlighted some of the mentoring programs that TAFISA has implemented that actively demonstrate the organisation's commitment to promoting women's leadership.

The presentation was followed by panel discussion featuring speakers from FLOT Project (EU-funded project aiming to empower a new generation of young African and European women to lead the Global Sport for All Movement) who shared their personal experience about the benefits of mentorship, the constant barriers they face due to their gender, and their vision for a meaningful change and achieving a positive impact through sport. The panel thus welcomed the following speakers:

  • Irene Jeremiah (Botswana Hockey Association, Botswana)
  • Carol Chanda Chipupu (Zambia Judo Association, Zambia)
  • Kaija Ruck (Rugby United, Germany)
  • Katongo Bwalya (NGO NOWSPAR, Zambia)

TAFISA would like to Made to Play for their partnership, as well as the speakers for their their time and enlightening contributions to the webinar.

Relive the Webinar through our video replay below or on YouTube.