Innovative Sessions Spur Creativity


Innovative Sessions Spur Creativity

19 July 2017

What makes a successful TAFISA World Congress? Inspiring speakers certainly help, along with exciting participants, but one of the key ingredients highlighting a successful TAFISA World Congress are innovative sessions. These can bring the best from both the speakers and the participants of the Congress, prompting everyone to think out of the box and develop new, creative ideas. A teaser of the Congress to come, discover the House of Commons session.

The House of Commons is a session where the audience is divided in two camps, like in the English House of Commons, with both groups taking opposite stances on provocative statements. Members of each group stand up to speak and defend their stance, while a neutral jury rates the interventions from each camp to eventually decide who deserves to win the argument. It is therefore important for members from each camp to make a compelling case for the opinion they defend, and impress the jury and audience with their rhetoric to win the session!

The following keynote speakers will challenge the participants of the House of Commons Debate: 

Wendy Gillett

Wendy Gillett, Bluearth Foundation, Australia, will introduce the "Move More, Sit Less" initiative

John Marsden

John Marsden, City of Liverpool, UK, will speak on "Why the provision of physical activity and sport should be made compulsory by Governments and Municipalities."

Dr Wanshik Hong, Advisor, Korea, will also contribute to the session.

Stay tuned to learn about the other innovative formats of the 25th TAFISA World Congress!