[Video] - Relive our Workshop on Creating Safe Environments to Build Cohesive Communities


[Video] - Relive our Workshop on Creating Safe Environments to Build Cohesive Communities

18 July 2023

The TAFISA Mission 2030 Workshop on „Creating Safe Environments to Build Cohesive Communities - How can Sport for All foster a culture of mutual understanding and tolerance?” took place on 04 July. The Workshop explored how Sport for All can be a powerful tool to promote peace, encourage community building, and support conflict prevention. Our panel of expert speakers shared their insights and experiences on how Sport for All can be used to create the conditions to build safe environments. The panel of leaders from across the Sport for All and development sectors inspired action and encouraged participants to think about how they can use sport to make a positive impact in their community. 168 participants from 88 countries attended the Workshop.  

Relive the Workshop through our video replay below or on YouTube.

TAFISA would like to thank the speakers for their enlightening contributions and all participants for their enthusiasm and constructive questions. 

Workshop Speakers 

Prof. Marion Keim - UNESCO Chair in Sport, Development, Peace and Olympic Education, South Africa 
Unfolding paradigms in sport for cohesive communities: An innovative intergenerational approach 

Prof. Marion Keim shared the definition and essential elements of social cohesion and the importance of creating local collaboration and communication to achieve social cohesion.

Susanne Gaerte – Senior Manager IOC Olympism 365, Germany 
Olympism365. Sport for a better world. Every day, everywhere 

Susanne Gaerte works at the IOC as Senior Manager in the Olympism365 department, where she is responsible for the focus areas “Sport, health and active communities” and “Sport, peace and safe communities”. At the workshop, she presented Olympism365 with a focus on the “Sport, peace and safe communities” portfolio as well as the learning community “sport, crime prevention and safer communities”. Throughout her presentation, she highlighted the importance of collaboration to achieve safe environments and build cohesive communities.  


Useful Links 

Katie Thompson and Naomie Hayes – Bluearth Foundation, Australia 
Walking Together on Country 

Katie Thompson and Naomie Hayes are living together the reality of Reconciliation. Sharing knowledge, growing each other and changing the world for the better with a tailor-made Girls on Country Programme for First Nation Girls in Mparntwe. Throughout their presentation, they highlighted the Bluearth program, the development of fundamental skills and the need for reconciliation. For them, “Physical Activity is so much more than movement, it's a medium to open minds and change the world”. 


Frankline Olukohe - Project Technical Advisor at the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Kenya 
Creating Cohesive Communities through Sports; Insights from GIZ Sport for Development Project in Kakuma 

Frankline Olukohe presented the GIZ Regional Project ‘Sport for Development in Africa’, which is implemented in 9 African countries. During his presentation, he focused on the Kakuma region of Northern Kenya, which is characterised by hosting one of the largest refugee camps in the world. The project focuses on training Sport for Development Multipliers, Construction/ Renovation of Sports Grounds and Sports Equipment. Next to presenting the key achievements Frankline Olukohe also presented the implementation challenges and the lessons and recommendations from the project.