TAFISA Meets with Landessportbund Hessen


TAFISA Meets with Landessportbund Hessen

08 February 2020

On 30 January, TAFISA Secretary General was invited by the Landessportbund Hessen in Frankfurt, Germany on the occasion of their Board Meeting. The Landessportbund Hessen is the regional sports authority in the Land of Hesse and umbrella organisation for sport clubs and organisations in the Land. The meeting provided an opportunity to present the Workbook: "Respect in Sport and through Sport", which was financed by the Landessportbund Hessen under the leadership of President Dr. Rolf Müller.

The Landessportbund Hessen Board of Directors (from left to right): Juliane Kuhlmann, Andreas Klages, Prof. Dr. Heinz Zielinski, Wolfgang Baumann (TAFISA), Dr. Frank Weller, Dr. Rolf Müller, Dr. Susanne Lapp, Helmut Meister, Ralf-Rainer Klatt)


Leading a series of transversal topics spanning the themes of TAFISA Mission 2030, the first Workbook: "Respect in Sport and through Sport" highlights the importance of respect in all sporting activities; organised or spontaneous, grassroots or elite, urban or rural, regional, national or international, etc. The Workbook connects the theme of respect with fair play, tolerance, mutual acceptance, healthy body and mind, teamwork, the spirit of community, cultural heritage and diversity - all of which are necessary in the sporting sphere and an essential part of the attitude of respect.

The Workbook: "Respect in Sport and through Sport" was co-authored by Keri McDonald (TAFISA Business Development Manager) and Prof. Dr. Heinz Zielinski (Landessportbund Hessen Vice President for School, Education and Personnel Development).