Oaks Releases Latest Fundraising in Sport for Development: State of the Sector Report


Oaks Releases Latest Fundraising in Sport for Development: State of the Sector Report

10 February 2022

Oaks has just released the second edition of their Fundraising in Sport for Development: State of the Sector Report, in partnership with Laureus Sport for Good, Beyond Sport, streetfootballworld, and the International Platform on Sport and Development. 

This report looks at the current global trends in sport for development to provide insights about what the future in the field will look like. Interestingly, the forecasts seem quite positive despite the global pandemic and its consequences, in contrast to what the report indicated the previous year. 

Quoted in the report, TAFISA Business Development and Fundraising Manager Keri McDonald commented: "It is fantastic to learn of the optimism and enthusiasm permeating from survey respondents from across the Sport for Development sector. The growth of organisations projecting income from 2020 to 2021 is not only a testament to the resilience, strength and versatility of these organisations, but also a beacon of hope for the future. [...] The precarious nature of fundraising in Sport for Development/Sport for All is a significant problem that affects all of us and is often reported by TAFISA members as a number one challenge they are facing on the way to achieving their mission. We require not only strong leaders and partners, but also to share, discuss, inform and debate on how we can continue to draw attention to the significant positive influence and contribution of sport towards societies all over the world. Creating bridges between donors and impact organisations at the grassroots level is key to the future development of our sector. TAFISA thanks Oaks for their ongoing commitment to generating discussions by shining a light on the fundraising state of play across the Sport for Development sector."


Oaks report

The full report is freely available at: https://www.oaksconsultancy.co.uk/post/download-the-latest-fundraising-in-sport-for-development-state-of-the-sector-report

Additionally, Oaks will host a series of webinars on the subject, starting on 31 March with a free webinar on Fundraising in Sport for Development. You can sign up here.

Oaks has been working closely with TAFISA to inform the organisation's strategy and strengthen its long-term financial sustainability. Both organisations are also partnering to host the next Mission 2030 Workshop on "Making the case for Sport for All in a competitive fundraising environment".