Promoting Active Cities Throughout Europe


Promoting Active Cities Throughout Europe

19 January 2018

TAFISA is proud to announce that the PACTE (Promoting Active Cities Throughout Europe) project has been kicked-off on January 15 – 16, 2018 in Brussels, Belgium. Led by the Sport and Citizenship think tank, TAFISA and ICSSPE, PACTE aims to sensitize municipalities, Europe-wide, on the crucial role they can play promoting Health-Enhancing Physical Activity.

PACTE will advocate and support the development of Active Cities and physical activity policies by:

1. Conducting a Europe-wide representative survey of municipalities’ physical activity policies and practices (PASSPORT) in order to identify the status of municipalities physical activity policies across Europe and to investigate gaps in policy and practice. 

2. Creating a matrix for change for Active Cities, including:

  1. an evidence-based rating and self-evaluation process, focussing on building the relationship between the established key success areas to become an Active city (Knowledge & awareness, Cross-Sectorial cooperation, Spaces & places, Programs & events, Monitoring, Evaluation & Continuous improvement) and targeted population engagement centres (Active leisure, active education, active transportation, active workplaces
  2. tailored recommendations for continuous improvement.

3. Delivering a communication campaign targeting municipalities in Europe, accompanied by online resources.

Co-funded by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Commission, PACTE will last 3 years and involves the following partners:

  • The European Physical Education Association (EUPEA)
  • The European Federation of Company Sport (EFCS)
  • The City of Liverpool
  • The Baltic Region Healthy Cities Association (BHRCA)
  • The Italian Association of Mayors (ANCI)
  • European Cyclist Federation (ECF)

PACTE will be a key component that will complement existing Active City initiatives worldwide, including the Active Well-being Initiative.