SESC São Paulo Keeps World Challenge Day Tradition Alive in 2024


SESC São Paulo Keeps World Challenge Day Tradition Alive in 2024

21 May 2024

On 7 May, SESC São Paulo, Brazil, kicked off the launch of the 30th edition of Challenge Day with an online meeting. Scheduled for May 29th, Challenge Day 2024 will feature activities across 14 Latin American countries, bringing together over 3,500 public and private organizations to emphasize the importance of regular physical and sports activities.

During the preparatory online meeting, national and international partners presented proposals for this year's edition. TAFISA Secretary General, Jean-Francois Laurent, gave the opening remarks, setting the stage for a productive session.The session continued with interventions from Gabriela Callejas, co-founder and director of Cidade Ativa; Professor Ligia Vizeu from the University of São Paulo (USP); and researcher Beatriz Oliveira from Fiocruz/Piauí. These speakers facilitated knowledge exchange, inspired key stakeholders, and fostered collaboration between public and private entities by discussing topics such as Mobility and Transformation in Healthy Communities, Urban Space and Health, and the Challenges of Physical Exercise Practices Amid Climate Change.


Implemented by public and private institutions across 14 Latin American countries, the campaign will feature hundreds of activities held on a single day, drawing attention to the significance of regular physical and sports activities. The theme for the 2024 campaign is "Se Joga no Desafio!" (Jump into the Challenge!), focusing on three key areas: the Healthy Cities movement advocated by WHO, the promotion of Recreational and Utilitarian Physical Activity concepts, and transportation modes related to running, walking, and cycling.


About World Challenge Day

The TAFISA World Challenge Day is a friendly international competition in Sport for All and physical activity where communities from around the world compete to motivate as many people as possible to be physically active for 15 minutes on a single day – the last Wednesday in May. The event is a fun day that creates awareness and enthusiasm for physical activity and active living.