TAFISA and the Foundation for Sport, Development and Peace Partner up Towards A Better World


TAFISA and the Foundation for Sport, Development and Peace Partner up Towards A Better World

08 August 2022

TAFISA and The Foundation for Sport, Development and Peace (FSDP) are proud to partner up for the launch of a new and exciting capacity building initiative. 

FSDP is currently hosting an accredited sport management course to build capacity and empower women in sport in South Africa. As part of this course, students have to perform a 6-month internship in an organisation or company to gain practical experience and develop new skills. TAFISA is teaming up with FSDP to welcome a student from the programme as an intern to support their growth and development.

The Foundation for Sport, Development and Peace was founded in 2013 and is based in South Africa, Western Cape. FSDP advocates and promotes sport and values as tools for development, social change and peace, at community level and within society at large. FSDP facilitates the transfer of related knowledge, skills, and resources in the relevant field; the Foundation also uses sport as a tool to facilitate personal development, education, and training. TAFISA and FSDP have first started their partnership in 2016 and have since been working together on joint training and awareness raising initiatives in Sport for All and sport for peace and development in Botswana and South Africa.

Ms Henrietta Du Preez from South Africa is the first to join TAFISA’s team as an intern. Ms Du Preez, a single mother and survivor of gender-based violence, draws from her experiences to support her community and has experience coaching soccer to girls and boys on the Cape flats in South Africa as an alternative to tackle gangsterism, drug use, teenage pregnancy and gender-based violence. She has been training girls in leadership development and uses soccer as a tool together with values education to promote peace building in local communities.

Upon confirmation of her internship at TAFISA, Ms Du Preez said:  “Being the first South African woman selected as part of this initiative, I am grateful and honoured to have received this intership opportunity at TAFISA and to be able to obtain a qualification through FSDP. I have experienced living in a South African community where violence and drugs have taken hold of the streets, but I believe anything is possible, even as a single mother I have never given up on my dreams”.