TAFISA Webinar - Africa Joined by 46 Participants from 16 Countries


TAFISA Webinar - Africa Joined by 46 Participants from 16 Countries

04 August 2020

On 31 July, the first ever TAFISA Webinar - Africa gathered 46 participants from 16 countries across the African continent. The two-hour online event enabled participants to connect, discuss and share their experiences with the COVID-19 pandemic, how it impacted their organisations and communities, and how they tackled the related challenges. 

In their words of welcome, TAFISA Secretary General Wolfgang Baumann and AUSC Region 5 CEO Stanley Mutoya highlighted the importance of cooperation in the region, citing as an example the successful partnership between both organisations to showcase the need for sharing ideas and knowledge to face the current crisis and help the Sport for All Movement grow and develop in Africa and globally. Insights on how the pandemic affected different countries and what solutions were developed in response were then shared by the following speakers, hailing from each of the five regions of Africa: 

  • Dr Paul Onyeudo, Director, Sports Medicine, Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development, Nigeria
  • Bobby Geseitsiwe, Sports Development Director, Technical Botswana National Sport Commission, Botswana
  • Dr. Hikabwa Chipande, AUSC Coordinator, Yaoundé, Cameroon
  • Felicite Rwemarika, First Vice-President, Rwanda National Olympic and Sports Committee, Rwanda
  • Dr. Emad El Bannany, President, Egyptian Sport for All Federation, Egypt

The interventions sparked a discussion among participants and prompted several to share ideas and suggestions based on their practical experience dealing with COVID-19. TAFISA also introduced new initiatives developed within the context of the pandemic, including the online Certified Leadership Courses organised by AUSC Region 5 and the International Course in Event Management offered by TAFISA and the Russian Olympic Committee, co-developed with the Russian International Olympic University.

AUSC Region 5 Chairman Dr. Vetumbuavi Veii closed the meeting by commending AUSC Region 5 and TAFISA for their cooperation, inciting organisations from other regions to join in and work together. In his conclusion, Dr. Veii emphasised the contribution sport can make to the socio-economic development of countries.

Following the success of the Webinar, more similar events will be scheduled in the near future to keep the conversation going and leverage the power of Sport for All to build a better world.