[Video] - Relive our Webinar on Safeguarding and Protecting Practitioners in Sport for All


[Video] - Relive our Webinar on Safeguarding and Protecting Practitioners in Sport for All

06 September 2023

On 5 September, TAFISA hosted "Safeguarding and Protecting Practitioners in Sport for All" webinar to shed light on the importance of safeguarding, share expert perspectives, and introduce TAFISA's latest initiative - the Safeguarding in Sport for All Guidelines. 

The webinar garnered overwhelming support, with over 400 registrations from every corner of the globe. Moderated by Game Mothibi, the webinar kicked off with a warm and inspiring welcome from Catherine Forde, TAFISA's Vice President. This set the tone for an engaging roundtable discussion where panelists shared valuable resources and their experiences in making sports safe, especially for women, girls, and children. The session proved to be not only informative but also engaging, fostering valuable discussions on creating safer sports environments.

Relive the Webinar through our video replay below or on YouTube.


Workshop Speakers:

Game Mothibi | Senior Manager, TAFISA
TAFISA's Safeguarding Gudielines in Sport for All 
Contact: Email mothibi@tafisa.org | LinkedIn

Mothibi introduced TAFISA's Safeguarding in Sport for All Guidelines and gave an open call for feedback. These guidelines, rooted in internationally recognised safeguarding frameworks, aim to establish secure, healthy, and engaging settings for sports and physical activity participation. These guidelines will – among others – be enforced through the Girls Positive and Safe Coaching Pathway, developed as part of a partnership between TAFISA and Nike, which will be launched in September 2023. You can access the presentation file here

Gloria Viseras | Senior Project Manager, IOC Safe Sport Unit
IOC Safe Sport

Viseras introduced us to the IOC Safe Sport Unit and the Olympic Agenda 2020+5. She emphasized the importance of the IOC Safeguarding Officer Certificate programmes in establishing Safe Sport systems regionally. She also shared a wealth of free resources and toolkits for safeguarding, which can be found in her presentation here.

Diane Huffman | President, WomenSport International
WomenSport International’s Participation and Support toward Protecting Sport Practitioners

WomenSport International has a rich history of advocating for, researching, and safeguarding women in sports. From addressing sexual harassment and abuse in sports in the 1990s to contributing to research and consulting in this field, WomenSport International has played a crucial role in shaping policy, practice, and education on safeguarding against maltreatment in sports. Huffman's extensive experience provided valuable insights into the past, present, and future directions of this important work. If you wish to explore the details further, you can access the presentation file here.

Mariam Ibrahim | Advisor, Sport for Development in Africa, GIZ
Teaming up for Gender Equality - Regional Project Sport for Development in Africa (S4DA)
Contact: Email mariam.ibrahim@giz.de | LinkedIn

Ibrahim, a gender specialist and communications focal point for the Regional Project Sport for Development in Africa (S4DA), presented regional Sport for Development projects. She highlighted S4DA's participatory approach and knowledge in concept development, showcasing how GIZ collaborates with local partners in Africa to create safe and enjoyable learning environments. She also shared practical resources, including a practitioner's guide, web-based trainings, and awareness videos available in multiple languages. You can access the presentation file here.

TAFISA would like to thank the speakers for their enlightening contributions and all participants for their time, enthusiasm, and constructive questions.