Join the Sport for Life Education Series!


Join the Sport for Life Education Series!

01 June 2023

Sport for Life, a renowned Canada-based organisation dedicated to promoting quality sport and physical activity across various communities, and a TAFISA Member, is excited to announce its upcoming virtual Education Series. The event serves as a platform to celebrate the latest Sport for Life ambassadors while offering a diverse range of virtual workshops. Participants will have the opportunity to enhance their professional development by earning NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) points. The Education Series will take place from 12-24 June, providing a valuable opportunity for sports enthusiasts, coaches, and educators to expand their knowledge and skills in an accessible virtual environment.

Broadening Horizons through Virtual Workshops:

Participants are encouraged to register for one or more workshops of their choice, with each workshop available for the affordable price of $20. The registration process is simple and easily accessible, ensuring that individuals can secure their spots promptly. By participating in these workshops, attendees will not only expand their knowledge but also contribute to the development and growth of sport and physical activity within their communities.

Unveiling the Workshop Series: 

Discover a series of empowering workshops designed to promote physical literacy and foster active and healthy lifestyles within Indigenous communities such as the following, among many others:

  1. Indigenous Long-Term Participant Development Pathway: Gain insights into a comprehensive pathway that outlines the stages of participant development and provides a framework for lifelong engagement in physical activities.

  2. Physical Activity and Physical Literacy in the Early Years: Learn how to foster physical literacy in young children, setting the foundation for a lifetime of active living and holistic development.

  3. Physical Literacy Movement Preparation: Explore the principles of movement preparation, including warm-up exercises and dynamic stretching techniques, to enhance performance, prevent injuries, and optimize physical abilities.

  4. An Introduction to Physical Literacy: Uncover the concept of physical literacy, understanding how it encompasses fundamental movement skills, motivation, confidence, and knowledge, enabling individuals to engage in various activities with competence and enjoyment.

  5. Physical Literacy for Older Adults: Discover strategies and resources to promote physical literacy among older adults, emphasizing the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle and enhancing quality of life as we age. 

Embrace this transformative journey towards a future where physical activity thrives within Indigenous communities. Join us as we work together to empower individuals, promote health and well-being, and unleash the potential of physical literacy.

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