[Video] - Relive our Workshop on Strategies for Improved Volunteer Engagement


[Video] - Relive our Workshop on Strategies for Improved Volunteer Engagement

18 January 2024

The TAFISA Mission 2030 Workshop on "Community and Volunteerism: Strategies for Improved Volunteer Engagement" took place on 17 January. The Workshop explored volunteer decline across different sporting organisations and countries, reasons for the decline and tangible strategies to encourage volunteerism and establish structures that empower them as agents of positive change within the Sport for All movement and the communities they serve. Our panel of expert speakers shared their research, insights and experiences on the importance of volunteer retainment; as they are a huge part of sports, how volunteers can be retained in sports and the different strategies sporting organisations, clubs and bodies can implement.

Moderated by Osazemen Aghedo, Project Manager at TAFISA, Mr Masanori Tamazawa, Managing Director Sasakawa Sports Foundation and TAFISA Board Member opened the workshop with a welcome address. Geoff Carroll gave the impulse where he shared the research report "Sport Volunteering in Europe: Realities, Opportunities and Challenges" from the European Observatory of Sport and Employment Erasmus Project. More information on the report can be found here.

Our speakers brought forth powerful examples of past, ongoing, and personal experiences that have facilitated volunteer retention in their various sports organisations and countries. Participants had the privilege to delve into behind-the-scenes case studies and testimonials shared by our panelists.

Relive the Workshop through our video replay below or on YouTube.


Workshop Speakers:

Geoff Carroll |  Director of Skills Development, European Observatory of Sport and Employment (EOSE)
Sport Volunteering in Europe: Realities, Opportunities and Challenges

Geoff shared the objectives of the research, key questions and answers from the research and Key learnings. You can access the presentation here.


  • geoff.carroll@eose.org   
  • aurelien.favre@eose.org

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Gloria Gaosikelwe |  Chairperson for the Botswana Sport Volunteer Movement (SVM)
Model of the Sport Volunteer Movement in Botswana 

Gloria presented the activities of the SVM and how they have experienced volunteer decline over the years and actions SVM has taken to encourage volunteer retention. Click here to access the presentaton


  • gaosikelwegloria6@gmail.com

Melina Gaddi |  in-house Lawyer, Federation Francaise des Clubs Omnisports (FFCO)
Improvement of volunteerism in organisation; Omnisports pour ELLES 

Melina shared the work of the FFCO, research on volunteerism in France and the FFCO program: Omnisports pour ELLES. You can access the presentation here 


  • ffco@ffco.org
  • m.gaddi@ffco.org

Carol Jimenez |  Project Coordinator, The House of Sport Volunteers
Strategies for improved Volunteer Engagements 

Carol presented the work of the House of Sport Volunteers and the organisation's objectives. She further explained strategies that can improve volunteer engagement realised through the work of The House. Access presentation here


  •  admin@houseofvolunteers.com
  • carol.jimenez@houseofsportvolunteers.com

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Cathy Wong |  Fiji Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee (FASANOC)
A practical case study into FACSANOC and Oceania

Cathy shared practical insights from her work in Fiji, various actionable strategies that has helped keep volunteers retained and encouraged. 


  • cwong@connect.com.fj


TAFISA would like to thank the speakers for their enlightening contributions and all participants for their time, enthusiasm, and constructive questions.