2nd TAFISA European Sport for All Games 2022 Well on their Way


2nd TAFISA European Sport for All Games 2022 Well on their Way

01 October 2021

Exactly 1 year before the event – scheduled on 23 – 29 September 2022 in Perugia and the region of Umbria, Italy, TAFISA Secretary General Wolfgang Baumann and Junior Director Jean-Francois Laurent visited FIGeST – the Italian Traditional Sports and Games Federation and event host – to prepare for the event, which promises to be an unforgettable experience for all participants. 

The Games will be centered in Perugia, which will host the Opening Ceremony and the Traditional Sports and Games Festival, while several towns across the region will invite European delegations to perform their TSG and to discover the diversity of local cultures and traditions Umbria has to offer. Gualdo Tadino, at the foot of the central Apennine mountains, will host the Closing Ceremony.

During a press conference hosted in the City Hall of Perugia on 29 September, TAFISA Secretary General highlighted that “The scope of the 2nd TAFISA European Sport for All Games in Perugia and Umbria next year will be never seen before on the continent. Perugia and FIGeST will be the protagonists who will make this event a success in a country, Italy, which is admired by the whole world for its traditions, culture, history but also when it comes to sport and Sport for All. Sport for All allows us to face the most current challenges, such as the pandemic, and will allow us to reunite people and bring them together in a joyful atmosphere. Traditional Sports and Games, at the centre of the event, can be a very important example of how to return to and celebrate life, and a crucial vehicle to preserve the values and cultural heritage of the past".

FIGeST President Enzo Casadidio underlined that “In Perugia, delegates and sports enthusiasts from 30 European countries and beyond will be able to demonstrate their TSG and learn about the many activities of our Federation, under whose banner are grouped some twenty specialties that involve thousands of athletes and members every day. These are sports linked to the territory and traditions of Italy, thanks to which the country is known throughout the world".

The Municipality of Perugia’s Mayor Andrea Romizi and Assessor for Sport Clara Pastorelli expressed their excitement to play host for the event and assured that “the Municipality of Perugia wants to get to this event in the best possible way because it is an important event in terms of visibility but also for the relaunch of Traditional Sports and Games and our historical centres".

Finally the Regional President of the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI), Domenico Ignozza, noted that “Perugia will be at the centre of a very important event at international level and CONI is happy to support activities such as the one that TAFISA has proposed. We are not presenting an competitive activity, but a festival that, by bringing TSG to the historical centres of our Umbrian cities will be useful, especially in this period, to relaunch a new culture of sport".

The Games – led by FIGEST and TAFISA –  will be organised in partnership with the Municipality of Perugia, University of Perugia, CONI, and various municipalities across Umbria, such as Gualdo Tadino.

More information will be shared soon – stay tuned!