[Video] - Relive our Workshop on Integration and Inclusion of Refugees through Sport


[Video] - Relive our Workshop on Integration and Inclusion of Refugees through Sport

23 October 2023

On 19 October, the 12th TAFISA Mission 2030 Workshop on “Social Inclusion and Social Integration through Sport for All” took place in partnership with the Sport Refugee Coalition. Expert speakers from the Olympic Refugee Foundation, Hellenic Olympic Committee, German Olympic Sport Confederation, Play International, and the Special Olympics United with Refugees Programme explored the Integration and Inclusion of Refugees through Sport through their diverse projects and programmes making meaningful impacts on refugees.

Moderated by Denise Robrade, Project Manager at TAFISA, Kathleen Latimer kicked off the workshop by introducing the Joint Pledge on Sport for Inclusion and Protection, set to be presented at The Global Refugee Forum. This pledge represents a mobilisation of resources, expertise, and networks to support inclusion and protection efforts, and it's open to all Global Sport for All organisations and individuals. To get involved with the pledge, we encourage you to reach out to the Sport for Refugees Coalition via contact@sportcoalition.org or contact@olympicrefugefoundation.org.

Our esteemed speakers brought forth powerful examples of past, ongoing, and personal experiences that have facilitated access and opportunities for refugees to sports. Participants had the privilege to delve into behind-the-scenes case studies and testimonials shared by our panelists.

Following the presentations, a robust discussion ensued about the intricate and often challenging aspects of programme evaluation and impact assessment. The speakers shared expert advice, shedding light on the complexities, structural hurdles, and future aspirations for collaborations that would enhance the quality of evaluation and impact information gathering. The workshop concluded with a call to action, urging participants to join the Joint Pledge on Sport for Inclusion and Protection.

Relive the Workshop through our video replay below or on YouTube.

Workshop Speakers:

Kathleen Latimer | Impact Manager, Olympic Refugee Foundation (ORF)
Sport Refugee Coalition

Kathleen is an expert with international experience in the field of monitoring, evaluation, and learning. She presented the Global Refugee Forum Joint Pledge on Sport for Inclusion and Protection. You can access her presentation here.   

Georgia Papathanasiou | Hellenic Olympic Committee, Greece 
Kids love sports - practice - TOGETHER

Georgia presented the Kids Love Sports and Together in Sport EU projects aimed at the social inclusion of refugee children in local communities and the promotion of social cohesion and peaceful coexistence through sport. With heartwarming pictures and stories from the children in the programme, the importance of inclusion cannot be overstated. 

Tobias Antoni | Germany Olympic Sport Confederation (DOSB
Sport for and with refugees – practical example of DOSB’s national and international projects
Contact: Email antoni@dosb.de

Tobias presented some of DOSB’s national and international projects for refugees in Germany, Turkey, and Greece. DOSB has worked to provide capacity development for coaches working with refuges or with a refugee background themselves. DOSB also supports the IOC Refugee team and Refugee Athlete Scholarship Programme.

Anne Meaux | Play International
Capacity building for the Inclusion of young refugees through sport 

PLAY International is a pioneering NGO in the field of education through sport. Anne presented PLAY International’s capacity building for the Inclusion of young refugees through sport, which works to provide adapted approaches and content tools to professionals working with refugee children. Anne shared this video to showcase PLAY International: Learning through playing sports - YouTube 

Gerald Mballe | Special Olympics
Capacity building for the Inclusion of young refugees through sport 

Gerald provided a personal and powerful touchstone for the work that sport organisations do with refugee children by describing his personal experience as a refugee in Italy. His words provided inspiration for attendees and panellists alike. Gerard provided additional information about the United with Refugees program here: Unified with Refugees (specialolympics.org) and shared this inspirational video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=aQvl7h_2DDI

TAFISA would like to thank the speakers for their enlightening contributions and all participants for their time, enthusiasm, and constructive questions.