TAFISA Mission 2030 Available in Japanese!


TAFISA Mission 2030 Available in Japanese!

28 May 2021

TAFISA's Mission 2030: "For a Better World Through Sport for All" has been translated in Japanese by TAFISA Japan. Adopted in 2017 in Seoul, Mission 2030 is the Sport for All Movement's roadmap to achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals through sport. 

The Japanese translation of Mission 2030 - TAFISAミッション2030スポーツ・フォー・オールを通じてより良い世界を築く - will help spread its message and empower more people and organisations to fully utilise sport to create a better world. 

Read Mission 2030 in Japanese here: TAFISA Mission 2030 (JP) [PDF]

TAFISA Mission 2030 can also be read in English, French, Spanish and Slovenian

TAFISA would like to thank TAFISA Japan, and TAFISA Board Member Prof. Yasuo Yamaguchi, for their important contribution to the Global Sport for All Movement. 

If you are interested in translating TAFISA Mission 2030 in your own language, please contact us at media@tafisa.org

Find our more about Mission 2030 on our website: TAFISA Mission 2030