TAFISA Celebrates the Global Sport for All Movement's Champions


TAFISA Celebrates the Global Sport for All Movement's Champions

26 November 2019

TAFISA celebrated the Global Sport for All Movement's champions and their contribution to the community during the Closing Ceremony of the 26th TAFISA World Congress in Tokyo, Japan, on 16 November 2019. TAFISA thus awarded the organizations and individuals who are making a difference and helping promote Sport for All through their work and programmes. 

Three people received the Jürgen Palm Award, TAFISA's most prestigious accolade, named after the late Prof. Dr. Jürgen Palm, the founding father and pioneer of TAFISA. The Award is for individuals who have made a significant and long-term contribution to the field of International Sport for All and physical activity and was this year bestowed to: 

  • Yohei Sasakawa (Japan), for his outstanding work to promote Sport for All and physical activity as Chairman of the Nippon Foundation. TAFISA recognises Mr Sasakawa's leading role played in the Global Sport for All Movement over many years, and his personal contribution to the development of Sport for All in Japan. 
  • Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson (UK), 11 times gold medallist at the Paralympic Games,  for her outstanding contribution to sport and social inclusion, as highlighted through her many active roles across the UK – including in her current position as Chair of UK Active.
  • Walter Schneeloch (Germany) for his outstanding work towards the development of Sport for All in Germany, as well as his ongoing support of TAFISA over many decades.
Yohei Sasakawa receiving the Jürgen Palm Award from TAFISA President Prof. Ju-ho Chang


This year, one recipient was bestowed the TAFISA Anita Ghosh Award. Late Professor Anita Ghosh was an inspiration for everyone who met her and as President of the All India Sport for All Association she highly contributed to the development of Sport for All through intensive research. This Award is presented to women who have done an outstanding contribution towards the empowerment of women and girls in Sport for All in challenging environments. The TAFISA Anita Ghosh Award was presented to Dr. Mitra Rouhi Dehkordi, Vice President of the Iran Sport for All Association, and a TAFISA Board member since 2009. For decades, Dr. Rouhi Dehkordi has been conducting outstanding work in Iran for the development of Sport for All and women’s participation, as a researcher, a manager and a Sport for All leader. Under her leadership, a new generation of female Sport for All leaders and participants has emerged.

Dr. Mitra Rouhi Dehkordi was presented the TAFISA Anita Ghosh Award by TAFISA President Prof. Ju-Ho Chang


Following the launch of TAFISA Mission 2030: For a Better World Through Sport for All in November 2017, the TAFISA Mission 2030 Awards highlight the remarkable work of personalities and organisations that have contributed to this mission in four different sectors: the media, the private/commercial sector, the public policy sector and the academia. This year the following awards were granted:

  • The TAFISA Mission 2030 Media Award to Chosun Ilbo, received by Hocheol Kang, Head of the Sports Department of the Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo. Once a month, Chosun Ilbo publishes an example of Sport for All programmes from other countries worldwide to foster participation in Korea. 
  • The TAFISA Mission 2030 Business Award to Nike Inc., was received by Caitlin Morris, Global Manager Social & Community Impact of Nike. Nike has been a pioneering brand, worldwide, to leverage its resources to make a difference and increase participation in Sport for All and physical activity. This includes activities through the Nike Foundation, the development of the Designed to Move Framework, and the Made To Play Campaign, among many others. 
  • The TAFISA Mission 2030 Policy Award was given to two recipients; the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the City of Wansheng, China.The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has developed a comprehensive Master Plan for Sport Promotion 2018 - 2024, which aims to attain a 70% sports participation rate for Tokyo Residents aged 18 and older by 2020, and maintain this level after 2020 through the achievement long and healthy lives through sports, realisation of an inclusive society through sports and vitalization of the communities and the economy through sport. Wang Bing received the award for the City of Wansheng, which is a source of inspiration for how an Active City should look like. Through innovative infrastructure and facilities, they are offering to every citizen the opportunity to be active and engage in Sport for All and physical activity. 
  • The TAFISA Mission 2030 Academia Award to Liverpool John Moores University, received by Prof. Keith George, Head of the Research Institute for Sport and Exercise Sciences at the Liverpool John Moores University. The Liverpool John Moores University has, for many years now, escorted the development of the Global Active City Programme and focused on the creation of Key Development Indicators to measure the contribution of physical activity in the City of Liverpool. Their openness and readiness to share their expertise with the world, and train other stakeholders, universities and cities worldwide to promote physical activity make them a logical recipient of the Award. 
TAFISA Mission 2030 Award recipients with TAFISA Board Members. (From left to right): Prof. Keith George, Caitlin Morris, Leonard Thadeo, Dr. Mitra Rouhi Dehkordi, Catherine Forde, Prof. Ju-Ho Chang, Wolfgang Baumann, Peter Barendse, Janez Sodrznik, Prof. Yasuo Yamaguchi, Herzel Hagay, Wang Bing


Last, TAFISA also rewarded five individuals with the TAFISA Friends for Life Award, an award that celebrates the friendship that support the TAFISA family and highlights the unique relationship TAFISA has with its members, partners and supporters. The following individuals received the TAFISA Friends for Life Award:

  • Finn Bergenn (Denmark), who has served TAFISA effortlessly over the years, and most recently as a Special Advisor for the 1st TAFISA World Martial Arts Festival.
  • Maria Luiza Souza Dias (Brazil), who has for many years contributed to the development of TAFISA in the Americas, and to the current establishment of the Americas Alliance for Sport for All.
  • A.K. Saha (India), for his lifelong contribution to TAFISA.
  • Alexander Smekalin (Russia), without whom the 1st TAFISA World Martial Arts Festival would never have happened.
  • Masatoshi Ito (Japan), for his leadership in the organisation of the 26th TAFISA World Congress 2019.
  • Game Mothibi (Botswana), for her strong engagement for women empowerment and her longstanding support of TAFISA through the collaboration with IWG on Women in Sport. 
Masatoshi Ito, Finn Berggren, Maria Luiza Souza Dias, Game Mothibi received the TAFISA Friends for Life Award